A Profession With the Potential of 150 Thousand

Why study to become an Android developer?

  • Profession, which is not afraid of crisis
  • Advantages of the profession
  • Difficulties of the profession
  • Salary
  • Salary abroad
  • From Junior to Lead: What does the Android career ladder look like?
  • How to become an Android developer: 3 paths to the profession
  • Option 2. Visit a developer course
  • Option 3. Learn on your own on the Internet
  • To become an Android developer, high school students don’t need to waste any time!

Because of the potential, IT people compare this profession to a bamboo tree: the first years the soil is actively fertilized, but only after a few years the first shoots appear and then in just six months the bamboo reaches 27 meters in height. The article will tell you why you should study to become an Android developer, where to study, and what prospects you will get.

Profession, which is not afraid of crisis

With the advent of 2021, all professions are being put to the test, which gives food for thought: how resilient are our jobs in hard times? Will our employers support us? The state?

Everything is learned by comparison: the online edition of Rabota.ru published a list of the highest paid professions in May 2021, and IT-professions are in third place:

  1. Software implementation specialists. Monthly salary: up to 250,000
  2. English translators. Monthly salary: up to 200,000
  3. IT-specialists. Monthly salary: from 150 000
  4. A system administrator with an evening schedule, dealing with IPTV
  5. Engineer-designer. Monthly salary: 100 000
  6. Designer in a company for the production of furniture. Monthly salary: up to 100,000
  7. Specialists in online marketing. Monthly salary: up to 90 000.

The Android development profession has only grown in demand over the past five years, and here’s why:

  • 86% of the world’s smartphones run on Android
  • 100 billion apps installed by its users
  • 40 billion dollars a company receives annually for installing applications
  • 4,000 mobile developer jobs are now posted on HeadHunter.

Impressed? Great, now let’s talk about the profession in detail!

Advantages of the profession

Although the Android platform development profession is very much in demand, there are still not enough savvy professionals in the CIS countries, so in the short term you still have time to jump on one of the wagons with top specialists. In the longer term, the situation is also advantageous: the demand for savvy developers in the world is only increasing and will continue to grow due to the rapid development of technology.

Work remotely and find orders all over the world

Mobile developers do not need to be constantly present in the office, most often they are allowed to work on projects from home. You must have heard about the benefits of telecommuting – what’s just the ability to work from anywhere in the world. But for developers it is not just a convenience, but also a new perspective: they can work with foreign projects, thereby increasing the price and expanding the portfolio.

Start earning while you study

You can find a job while you are still learning. You can start with a Junior developer position: their average salary starts from 40,000 to 120,000.

Learn the right skills online

If you have skills and knowledge in programming or related areas, you can learn the profession on your own with the help of online resources, which means you can save on education. Becoming an Android developer with zero knowledge in coding is also possible, of course, but it will take more time.

Difficulties of the profession
Startup mobile apps are expensive

Young professionals face the fact that they cannot find enough money to promote a startup and have to look for investors.

Humanitarians won’t like it

Creative people with a humanitarian mindset will find it difficult to work as an Android developer: this job requires a technical mindset.
Excessive demands from employers and high competition.
As in any profession, there are pitfalls.


Android Developer Salary (as of May 2021):
– Beginners get about 60-80 thousand
– Specialists with experience on average earn from 120 thousand
– Heads of mobile development earn from 150-200 thousand
– 80,000-270,000

Wages abroad

According to the US labor exchange Glassdor.com, IT professionals in the US earn on average about $70,000-80,000 per year: the amount can increase several times in major cities, and in the IT capital of all America the salary can reach millions of dollars. If you haven’t yet seen Dudya’s issue about Silicon Valley and guys who made it to the top of the profession, now is the time to do it.

From Junior to Lead: What does the career ladder look like for an Android developer?

Android developer goes through three stages in the profession: beginners get a job as a Junior developer, IT specialists with experience expand their range of responsibilities and work as a Middle Android developer. Lead android developer takes managerial roles and leads the development team. Below we have collected the necessary skills and personal qualities that employers require from Android developers on the labor exchanges:

Junior Developer

Must be able to:
– Code in Java or Kotlin
– Develop webview applications for publishing on Google Play
– Create leaflets, showcases
– Work with application templates
– Experience in working and integrating various sdk: Facebook, Onesignal, Appsflyer
– Understand the specifics of client-server app development.
Must have:
– Experience in obfuscation and project uniqueness
– Education from a technical university with specialization in information technology, physics, mathematics and similar
– Have completed Android projects or quality code examples.
50 000-80 000

Middle Android developer.

Must know:
– Android SDK, Java 8 language, Android Studio environments
– Kotlin programming language is highly preferred
– MVC, MVVM patterns
– Android Jetpack Components
– Dagger 2, RxJava 2, Retrofit 2, Eventbus.
Must be able to:
– Work with the Git version control system
– Interfaces layout in ContraintLayou is welcome
– Manage dependencies with Gradle.
– Work with version control systems: GIT/SVN.
– Work with a task tracker.
80 000-120 000

Lead android developer

Must be able to:
– Lead a team of mobile app developers
– Set and supervise tasks, set priorities
– Develop new Android mobile apps
– Refine existing Android mobile apps
– CodeReview commits of other developers.
Must know:
– Swift/Objective-C and basic frameworks
– Kotlin/Java, Android SDK
– Mobile app design patterns.
120 000-200 000

What personality traits need to be pumped up:

  • Calmness
  • Patience
  • Accuracy
  • Professional honesty
  • Attention
  • Business-like approach to work
  • Hard work
  • Sociability
  • Not conflict
  • Organizational

Your advantage will be:

  • Experience in Kotlin application development
  • Completed projects in app stores
  • Understanding in user interface development
  • Experience in code-review (code quality control)
  • Experience in server-side development (Java, Scala, Python)
  • Database experience (Oracle, SQLite)
  • Experience of bash/Unix shell scripts development
  • Understanding of the project approach.

How to become an Android developer: 3 paths to the profession

Option 1: Get a higher education in IT

In this case, you will get an in-depth knowledge of programming and IT, but most likely, you will still have to complete your studies after university to master specific skills for the job.

You can get the technical education you need here:
– Technical University of Communications and Informatics. Program: Informatics and Computer Science (Correspondence General Technical Faculty of MTUCI)
– Humanitarian University, State University. Program: Applied Computer Science in Economics (Department of Economics, Management and International Relations)
– State University of Geodesy and Cartography. Information Systems and Technologies.
Studying computer science abroad is also possible:
– Australia: RMIT. Programs: Computer Games and Mobile Application Development
– USA: University of Illinois at Chicago. Programs: Computer Systems and Software
– UK: Bournemouth University. Program: Computer Engineering
– Czech Republic: Graduate School of Economics. Program: Enterprise Information Systems and Computer Science.

Option 2. Visit courses for developers

According to reviews, quality courses for developers will give the necessary knowledge and practical skills, reduce training costs and time, and therefore are considered the best solution.

Online courses:
– GeekBrains IT Education Portal
– A 20-month course from SkillBox.
Courses in English:
– Good courses can be found on Udemy
– Android Basics by Google.
Courses for high school students abroad:
– Colorado State University Summer. Course: Java Coding and Game Development.

Option 3. Learn on your own online

From the advantages of this approach can be noted accessibility, but you need a lot of time to get into all the nuances + you will need to read a lot of literature in English.

Useful resources for self-study:
– Android Programmers Forum. Development of applications on the Android platform.
– Forum
– Google API for Android
– English Community: Stackoverflow.
– Find groups of interest in Meetup.

There is no time to lose in order to become an Android developer!

This specialty promises not only a good salary: with a high probability it can survive the technological boom and remain in demand in the future, that’s why it is recommended to the younger generations. In addition, it is one of the modern professions that has no age restrictions. Today, the earlier children start to learn IT, the better for their career: in this case, by the age of 20, they will gain valuable experience and will be much more competitive than their peers.

But where do children who dream of a profession in the IT sphere study? In IT-education for schoolchildren is only gaining momentum, but in the USA teenagers have all chances to master a profession in IT-camps, here are some examples:

  • Benedictine University offers dozens of courses in coding and programming (from $ 1500 a week with room and board).
  • Georgia Institute of Technology. Here you can learn skills for work at Microsoft, Google, SAP, Foxtail Games.
  • University of South Florida. Popular courses: Roblox Entrepreneur: Lua Coding and Game Scripts, Intro to Python Coding for Machine Learning.
  • Lake Forest College – here you can get practical skills in such areas as game development, coding and game design, creating projects on professional software and using innovative technologies (from $1,600 per week with meals and accommodation).