Chuvashia Told About the Training of IT Specialists

Training of personnel in the field of digital technology is one of the priorities for Chuvashia.

The question of how the situation with IT-specialists was the subject of a live broadcast in the official group of the republic in one of the social networks.

Photo: Press Service of Administration of the Chuvash President Photo: Press Service of Administration of the Chuvash PresidentPhoto: Press Service of Administration of the Chuvash President
Head of the Ministry of Education of Chuvashia Kristina Mainina, First Deputy Minister of Education and Youth Policy of the region Alexey Lushkin and Deputy General Director of the software developer Sergei Sergeev participated in the broadcast.

Photo: Press Service of the Chuvash President’s Administration

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According to Alexei Lukshin, IT-specialists are trained in five higher educational institutions in Chuvashia, the total number of budgetary places for these areas reaches 450. This year, said the Deputy Minister, the competition is six people per place.

  • Interest in IT in our schoolchildren is very high.
  • This year, 15 percent of our school leavers have chosen informatics as their compulsory test.
  • Lukshin said that this works out well against a nationwide figure of 10 per cent.

According to Sergey Sergeyev, the demand for qualified IT specialists is extremely high today. Representatives of different professions interact with “digital”, which requires special skills, which help to get the activities of the federal project “Personnel for the digital economy” of the national program “Digital Economy of the Russian Federation”, in particular, the project “Digital professions” gaining momentum, as well as various educational online resources.

The Republic also has a “Career Contract” project to support talented youth. It charts a student’s path for five years ahead: studies, internships and scholarships after the first year, and employment in companies after the second year.

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We give students an opportunity not only to get material support, but also to develop mutually with the company,” Sergeyev said.

In turn Christina Mainina noted that IT-specialist is a very broad notion, including many categories – from a technical support specialist to a digital software developer. Each specialization is paid differently, but all professionals should have comfortable conditions for living and working – it determines the decision of talented professionals to stay in the region.

Getting pleasure from their work is a key factor for a specialist. Only in this case he/she improves, contributes new things, lights up others and in the end contributes to the development of Chuvashia

  • summarized the Minister.