Free Online IT Courses From Harvard University

Free online IT courses from Harvard University are available in Russian and English

The field of IT is developing at an incredible speed, with more and more people wanting to learn Internet technologies, programming every day. There are so many platforms and resources that can help you study this huge field: online courses, bootcamp, video lessons.

One of the best online courses is Harvard University – Harvard CS50, where you can take 10 courses: general knowledge about computer science, programming courses in Javascript and Python, learning artificial intelligence in Ruthon, introduction to game development, courses for lawyers, teaching technology basics, computers and servers, combining business and computer technology, developing mobile applications with React Native, principles of computer science and computer science 001.

Harvard CS50 online courses are free on the edx platform. To start learning, you need to create a login and password and register on the platform. The courses usually last four to six months.

Bakyt Abdishov, a cloud engineer who lives and works in Hawaii, USA, told this on the Aidana Tech channel.

Harvard University courses are also translated into Russian and uploaded to the platform On this site, too, you need to register to begin training. Both registration and courses are free.

In his video, Bakyt answered the question, “Is it possible to succeed by studying online courses?”

“Of course it’s possible, it just takes desire, effort and discipline. Create a schedule for yourself and strictly follow it, force yourself to study, do your assignments, and then you will succeed.

For those who start learning from scratch, I recommend to start learning in classes. Because there will be instructors, classmates. Such an environment is very useful and effective for learning.

Those who believe in themselves, who are confident that they will allocate a few hours a day for training, can learn on online courses.