“Hacking Is Impossible”. Development of an “Immune” Phone

“Hacking is impossible”: Kaspersky talks about the development of an “immune” phone for state-owned companies

Kaspersky told details about the “immune” phone to phone tracker apps without permission, which his company is developing, in particular, for the public sector. It will make it possible to call, receive e-mails and surf the Internet, but it will not be possible to listen to music. Kaspersky added that the development of his company is “priceless” and has no analogues.

Billionaire Eugene Kaspersky # 101 in an interview with Forbes told details about the smartphone that his company, Kaspersky Lab, is developing.

“I wouldn’t say it’s straight smartphone, it’s more of a communicator”.

Kaspersky said.

He explained that the device will be able to make calls, receive e-mail and access the Internet, but it will not have music or video. The company is not positioning its development as a replacement for the usual smartphones.

“This is a secure communicator, primarily to manage the infrastructure to work with confidential information”

said the head of Kaspersky Lab.

He assured that the main feature of the device “is not that it is handy, good,” but that it is “impossible to hack.” Kaspersky suggested that the development will come in handy for those who need to solve tasks that require a secure phone. Among the potential users, the businessman named “large factories, transport and other enterprises.

Kaspersky noted that the software for the device (software) will be fully developed by Kaspersky Lab, and the “iron” according to the company’s design will be assembled in China. Kaspersky Lab plans to release the first series of devices in the fall and is in talks with several companies. “This fall we plan to release a series of similar phones, immune phones. We are in talks with several companies that are willing to become pilots,” the billionaire added.


Kaspersky found it difficult to name the cost of the gadget: “Priceless, there are no analogues. The OS [operating system] has a fundamentally new architecture, for the reason that its main principle is security. Not just safety, but immunity. The mask on your face is safety. And the inoculation is immunity. Our OS is immunized,” the billionaire made the comparison.

Kaspersky first told RIA Novosti about the development of their own secure smartphones in December 2021. Then he said that Kaspersky Lab is already ready to deliver the “operating system” for the “Internet of things”, and the system for phones and tablets will be ready in 2022.