How to Become an IT Tester?

How to become a tester?
Top useful resources for preparation

Want to build a career in testing and wondering what books, articles, courses to choose for training?
Based on the recommendations of IT-Academy trainer Eugene Shidlovsky and a survey of EPAM Lab students, we have compiled a list of relevant resources that will help in mastering the profession of tester. 


  • Everything you need to know about QA, in 5 minutes – a video about the profession of tester and a chance to test yourself in searching for bugs. 
  • What a beginner tester should know – where to start, how to level up, what to delve into. 
  • Testing. Fundamental theory – complete immersion into the profession, the basics of software testing.


  • List of books about all kinds of testing, project management, test management – a big selection with reviews, enough for a long time. 
  • Software-Testing.RU. Software Testing and Quality – a portal with both professional materials and small articles, understandable and useful for beginners.
  • Functional Software Testing is a complete course for anyone who wants to learn software testing from scratch under the guidance of an experienced trainer. 
  • Introductory course on testing from “Quality and Software Testing” – an introductory video course on testing: simple, interesting and clear.
  • ITVDN “Testing Basics” – a series of video tutorials on the basics of testing.
  • Mobile App Testing Android and iOS – express course on mobile testing. 
  • Complete Web Application Testing Checklist – This checklist is applicable to almost any type of web application depending on business requirements.
  • Universal schema for web application testing – a workable option for all cases. 
  • A collection of checklists for checks – all about the necessary checks during software product testing.
  • Sample test plan – about developing a test plan for testing.
  • Read also about phone tracker apps without permission


  • Databases and the SQL language
  • The online course “Databases. Fundamentals” is a free preparatory course.
  • SELECT statement exercises: learning stage – a well-known training resource that contains many practical tasks with different levels of complexity.
  • Learning Programming. SQL is a series of video tutorials on MySQL. Each lesson contains theoretical and practical parts. 

Computer networks

  • Andrei Sozykin’s “Computer Networks” training course – a free course on computer networks with a series of short videos.
  • GeekBrains. Fundamentals of data networks. OSI model and TCP IP protocol stack. Ethernet Fundamentals – a simple one and a half hour video course on computer networking fundamentals.
  • В. G. Olifer, N. A. Olifer “Computer Networks, Principles, Technology, Protocols” – this textbook contains practically all the information you need to understand computer networks.

HTML/CSS/JS/web in general

  • Web site development using HTML, CSS and JavaScript – a simple and straightforward basic course on these technologies.
  • HTML Academy: HTML, CSS & JavaScript online courses – a series of free HTML/CSS/JS/PHP courses.
  • Site building from A to Z – how to create a free website on website builders! – a collection of articles, books, videos on web development.

Algorithmic and/or programming basics

  • CS50 – Harvard course on the basics of programming, where many basic concepts are explained on a very simple everyday level.
  • Scratch – Imagine, Program, Share – a resource that allows you to learn basic programming concepts in a playful way.
  • Brad Miller and David Ranum “Problem Solving with Algorithms and Data Structures using Python” is an interactive tutorial on the basics of algorithmization and data structures.

Basics of Operating Systems

  • The Linux Self-Study is a collection of useful tutorials for beginners and advanced users alike.
  • GNU/Linux World – A resource for Linux beginners: lots of material and interesting insights.
  • Windows School – all about working with the Microsoft computer system – a collection of thematic publications on working with Windows (a lot of things that “average users” might not know about).


Questions about testing from job interviews – a full review of frequent questions about software testing at job interviews and answers to them.

QA Interview Preparation Toolkit – if you need a quick refresher on what might come in handy for a technical interview for a QA Engineer/QA Automation Engineer position.

40 of the most popular interview questions for mobile testers – for those who will be building a career in mobile testing.