I Want to Become a 1C Programmer. Where to Start?

Do you want to earn a lot of money? Don’t call us if this is your only motivation. In the field of 1C only professionals earn well.

Take a course for 1C programmers in Yekaterinburg

Determine the level of initial training. There can be two of them:

From “zero” (working only as a user or not working at all). And maybe you do not need it, to work as a programmer? Explore free resources, make sure that 1C is your true interest.

Initial (have already tried to learn programming) – perfectly choose the training courses.

answer yourself the question, “Why do you want to become a programmer?”

You like helping people – go for it!

Mathematical mindset and want to solve complex problems – this is your field!

Want to grow, develop and be a professional in the relevant field – write, call, we are waiting for you on the training!

Do you want to earn a lot of money? Do not call us if this is your only motivation. Only professionals earn good money in 1C. If you want immediately and a lot of green bills, this area is not for you, you will have to study a lot, a lot of nights to pore over the experience, and only when you become a REQUIRED specialist, you can feel free to buy yourself a car, which you dreamed of on honestly earned money.

Are you currently working with 1C?

Yes, in the field related to 1C. Excellent, you are already on the right track.

No, my job is not 1C related in any way. Are you still there? Look for a job closer to your dreams. If you work in the wrong place, you develop in the wrong direction.

I’m not working. It’s better than “not there.” Look right away, the job that gets you closer to 1C. Work at least in user mode. Or actively engage in training. “Work up” yourself every day, because training has a cumulative effect.

Do you have enough money for training?

Yes, ready to pay for everything you need to learn a new profession. Leave an application form, we will contact you.

No. Not a problem either, you can use free resources on 1C (youtube, books, free courses), come to a free trial lesson on 1C and get acquainted with 1C now. Yes, you’ll go slowly, but GO now to your goal! And you can also take part in a unique project called “Young programmers school” and most of the training will be paid by our company.


Well, the recommendations are given for each item, doing them will be able to decide what you need to do to achieve the goal, but maybe not 1C is your goal at all?
Decided to learn? What next?

  • I want to learn and I’m ready to work right away -> School for Young Programmers
  • I want to get basic knowledge, I want to get experience in another company -> Programming from 0
  • I have basic knowledge, I want to develop myself -> Immersion
  • I am a professional, is there something more interesting? -> Immersion for advanced!
  • I have the knowledge! I have experience! Looking for the best job offers!