Top Online IT Courses for QA

Top Online IT Courses for QA Testers (QA Testing)
A Selection of the Best Training Programs

Part of the responsibility of software developers is to support the product or service throughout development.

As developers write test scripts and analyze test data, it helps them develop a release plan and documentation. That’s why software testers are highly specialized and among the most in-demand employees in the IT industry. Competitive pressures around the world require companies to deliver fully functional software for the first time, and consequently, software testing experience is becoming increasingly valuable.

Software testing courses teach everything you need to know to possess a professional Software Tester resume, from the intricacies of practical testing methods to core testing theory and advancing a career in testing.

Courses and certificates can develop skills in a variety of testing abilities. They develop fundamental skills such as object-oriented programming and agile methods.

The Testing Profession from Skillbox

Skillbox offers mastery of one of the most in-demand IT fields, guaranteeing performance at a level so that you can start earning in the profession before you even graduate. Classes are supervised by a tutor. The course is suitable for anyone, even without programming experience. Here you can go from start to autotest in a few days.

The course is structured in 5 blocks with 40 modules and 250 online lessons.

In the course, the student will learn:

  • The general need and reason for site testing;
  • understand the strategy of development in the profession;
  • structure the acquired knowledge;
  • master complex testing of websites, business software, applications, and games;
  • master advanced automation methods;
  • be able to work with JIRA, Bugzilla, Redmine, and Mantis;
  • create test-plan templates, scripts, test-cases, and checklists;
  • master test preparation at the level of major IT companies;
  • will be able to run their own autotest.

Software Testing Faculty from GeekBrains

This is not just a course, but an online university that trains testing professionals from the ground up. It will provide the basic necessary knowledge and familiarize you with all the tools for the profession. The course lays all necessary information about data processing skills and skills of building software verification processes. Classes are characterized by project-oriented learning style.

A personal tutor always helps and advises in the process of training. He will help to solve all questions and problems in a short time. The advantage of this type of work is that it speeds up learning, and makes mastering skills more qualitative.

GeekUniversity also emphasizes that the ability to work with peers is important for successful testing. In the course, you can significantly advance your abilities in professional communication, which is important for a resume to any company.

The course consists of two to four classes per week and lasts one year.

The Testing Profession from Netology

The course is available to beginners without any knowledge base guarantees a complete mastery of a tester in a few months. The training will help you understand the workings of test cases, which provide valuable information about how customers interact with the product and whether the product or service really works.

The course is five months long and includes four modules:

  • testing fundamentals;
  • Java programming skills;
  • mastering Git, a version control system;
  • automated testing skills.

After completing the last module, a thesis is written.

The course takes place in the online mode, which involves watching webinars twice a week. Webinars are recorded, and you can watch them later.

The consolidation and verification of learned knowledge takes place in homework assignments, which are checked by an experienced tester. Which homework assignments include:

  • tests;
  • case studies on a particular testing methodology;
  • assignments on creating and conducting test cases;
  • organization of defects and test documentation.

When difficulties and questions arise, the student is always helped by teachers and students who have already practiced testing.

Course-simulator “Software Tester (QA)” from SkillFactory

The course provides you with the skills to automate testing in Python. It contributes to a strong advantage and competitiveness in the job market.

What the course will provide:

  • Testing theory;
  • experience in testing;
  • important basic knowledge;
  • the vision of a QA engineer;
  • immersion in the testing profession;
  • feedback and collaboration with the team;
  • mastering the automation of testing web interfaces and REST API services;
  • practicing skills from performing tasks on crowdedtesting platforms.

The course duration is 4 months in the form of a webinar on the Soft Skills platform. At the end of the class a certificate of training is provided. Also 10% of resumes will be sent to partners. An added bonus of the course is a one-month premium subscription to ED Words from EnglishDom.

Online tester courses from LearnQA

The LearnQA course is online and is suitable for people with no experience as well as those who want to upgrade their skills. A free consultation is available before you sign up for a class.

What’s included in the course:

  • Lectures that are recorded in the online system.
  • Homework assignments that are given after each class and take about 3 hours to complete.
  • Feedback, where a supervisor reviews completed assignments and gives feedback with detailed recommendations and comments.
  • A certificate, which is issued upon completion of the course.

What you can learn:

The functional and non-functional approach to testing;
skills of mobile application testing;
modern methods of automation;
skills of work in task-trackers;
test-design skills;
practical skills;
the use of different templates: test plans, checklists, test cases and scripts.

Hedu’s Testers Course

This distance learning course explains topics from the simplest to the most complex. The recorded video lessons in the course are accessible to any student and can be reviewed later. The course will help you learn terminology, different levels of software access, learn how to create test cases, conduct performance testing evaluations, and provide knowledge of the specialty methodology.

After completing the course, the student will be able to:

  • test mobile and web applications;
  • master automated testing;
  • solve problems on their specifications;
  • organize test plans and examples;
  • find errors in testing.

The course lasts 24 hours and is available to any beginner. Classes take place in a structure:

  • video lecture;
  • independent assignments;
  • feedback on assignments.

At the end there will be a certificate of completion.

The tester course from Yandex.Praktikum

After training on Yandex.Praktikum, in addition to twinning theory and practice, you can build a career strategy from trainee to professional tester. The course lasts 4 months and requires no knowledge to learn.

The entire course is divided into two parts:

It lasts 10 hours. A student masters the theory at his own pace and practices it by performing tasks, which include: checking Yandex.Metro and reporting errors.

Takes 15 hours per week.

Instructors advise students, helping them with quizzes, and check homework.

In this course the student will learn:

  • the basics of computer networks: learn about the OSI model and TCP/IP, the structure of HTTP-requests;
  • master client-server interaction;
  • learn the basics of programming.

After the course a student can get assistance in finding a job: he will be helped to make a competitive resume and prepared for job interviews.

Software Testing course by RocketBrain

After RocketBrain training, the student with no previous experience can find a job as a software tester immediately, and the specialist will be able to structure and develop his or her knowledge.

What the course from RocketBrain will give:

  • Information about types of testing;
  • How to write checklists and cases;
  • How to write bug reports;
  • How to create metrics;
  • Will give knowledge about how to assess their effectiveness;
  • Teaches how to build SQL queries;
  • will give an idea of how best to schedule time for testing;
  • Will give information about what software development models exist;
  • Will help create a resume.

Course format is individual and consists of 17 modules, where each module contains video lecture, its text recording and practical tasks. Each completed assignment is checked and recommendations are given.

Software-testing tester training

Software-testing trainings are aimed to teaching and consideration of testing questions and software quality improvement. Here each training consists of a theoretical framework, performance of tasks with feedback from the expert, consultations during the course. Here you can both master the knowledge of testing from the beginning, as well as improve your skills.

In the course all trainings are presented in the catalog. They last from 2 to 15 hours of theory. The student gets access to lectures and consultations for 3 months, which gives him the opportunity to try to apply the knowledge he has learned and to be in touch with the instructor, receiving his advice at the same time. The student will also be able to get his advice in difficult situations.

GaleraiITAcademy tester course

The course guarantees to teach students so that at the end of the course they will be able to make a competent CV that will interest employers. The program is designed to be understandable for everyone.

The course deals with the most common interview questions. All training is done online on a free schedule, allowing you to work at your usual pace.

What you can learn in the course:

  • What is software development, testing and certification;
  • SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle), Waterfall, Agile (Scrum);
  • how to write test documentation about bugs and defects;
  • defining the bug cycle, its priority and severity;
  • test design techniques;
  • testing varieties and estimations;
  • mobile application testing.

A certificate from Galera It Academy is guaranteed after completing the training.