Two More Modern Education Centers Are Inaugurated

Growth Point Education Centers for Science and Technology were solemnly opened in Raisemenovskaya and Turovskaya schools under the Modern School federal project of the Education national project.

For the last three years, the appearance of such innovation centers in rural schools within the framework of the federal project “Modern School” as one of the directions of the national project “Education” has become a good tradition

– said Yulia Olegovna.

The school in Turov is one of the most distant from the center in the municipality, so the opening of such an educational environment makes it possible for students in a rural school to keep up with the innovations of students in the city. Therefore the center here will become the main point of attraction for children and adults, an area of extracurricular activities and scientific research.

In Raysemensky school, the opening ceremony of the center was no less festive and fun.

Thanks to the appearance of “Growth Points” children have the opportunity to master more effectively the exact sciences – physics, chemistry, biology, as well as technology, to learn practical skills of their application, to form modern competencies and skills, not only to pass the school program, but also to do extracurricular activities. In addition, students get a closer look at the professions of design engineer and robotics engineer, and acquire extensive knowledge in information technology and communication.

Why is this important?

Every child should have the opportunity to master precise high-tech science, which requires state-of-the-art equipment for immersion. Then it will be interesting for children to learn, getting knowledge not only from textbooks, but also practicing the wisdom of science. If a child studies with pleasure, the result of his knowledge will please parents and teachers, who want to see him entering the best universities of the country and adequately realize himself in this life,

– wrote in her Instagram account Julia Olegovna.


Also, the head of the municipality expressed confidence that the centers will form creative architects, brilliant programmers and talented scientists. She wished the children “A”, new creative discoveries and achievements, and to teachers – inspiration and creative rise.