Why Do You Need to Learn How to Make Websites?

Why do you need to learn how to make websites?

Imagine a chef. More precisely, a pastry chef. He knows how to bake delicious cakes, pastries, and gets great pleasure from his profession. His main place of work is a nice restaurant, but sometimes he also gets personal orders – to bake a big wedding cake, serve a children’s matinee, or just suggest a couple of “tasty” ideas for a holiday menu.

All in all, things are going well, but one day our pastry chef realizes that it’s time to grow up professionally. It’s time to promote his personal brand and, of course, to increase his income. So he decided to work for himself. Our confectioner turns to a web studio and orders a stylish business card site, which presents a gallery of his culinary masterpieces, contact information and service fees.

A few months later a large number of people learn about it, the flow of personal requests increases, and after a couple of years he has a successful business – a pastry shop with the ability to order any miracle of cooking directly through the site. Not bad, right? And this is a real success story. Moreover, in place of this pastry chef could be a jeweler, auto parts salesman, driver with a private car, tutor, artist, commercial writer, massage therapist, locksmith, lawyer …

You’re still asking, “Why do you need to learn how to make websites?” Let’s go over the main points. 5 reasons in favor of web development skills Advertise yourself, your firm, your hobbies.

These are sites that at different times made our listeners, and each of these resources brings real value to their customers – ateliers, law firms, manicure studios, etc.

Let’s add that the creation of web resources to order – this is a lucrative business. Even a template business card site costs about 10 000 rubles, and with the right approach, this work can take only a few days. Not only active, but also passive income. Earnings on the Internet – this is a topic for a separate article. We will limit ourselves to noting that direct orders from the site and the sale of goods/services is not the only source of income. The owner of the web-resource can earn through affiliate programs and contextual ads, placing banner ads and custom articles. The possibilities – a lot .

Getting new knowledge.

Studying site-building – it is very exciting. Learning the basics of layout and programming, you join the world of information technology, are keeping up with the times. In addition, web-development has many interconnections with other disciplines – physics, mathematics, applied programming, on the one hand, and linguistics, copywriting, graphic design – on the other. Develop yourself while others are just wasting their time! Self-expression. The Internet is not just a platform from which we tell the world about ourselves, it’s one of the main ways we express ourselves. Our web site can (and should) become a place of interest, where people with the same interests as ours are always welcome, where visitors can get useful and relevant information.


Interesting profession. And finally, web-developer – is in-demand and well-paid profession, which can become a lifelong business. Skills in creating websites – a guarantee that in the future you will be able to become a true professional, open your own studio and enjoy the work you love.