Why Study Programming?

Why study programming?

According to research by the Levada Center, people increasingly want their children to tie their lives to IT.

Today no large or small company can do without its own specialists in computer technology. And we speak not about usual computer literacy, which they teach at school on computer lessons, but about complex, complicated cases when specialists have to use a wide range of their skills and knowledge.

Analysts believe that the IT-market will grow further and, accordingly, the number of jobs in this market will increase. Undoubtedly, working in IT is the job of the future. But many parents, even agreeing with this, will say: why teach your child programming now?

First of all, children learn material better than adults – their memory is open to new things, and learning programming is like learning a language, it is much easier to learn when you are young. A child who was able to learn the basics of programming, will be much easier to study in the future, because the new knowledge will be put on a solid base, offered now.

In addition, programming contributes to the development of logical thinking, broadens the horizons, teaches to set goals and look for opportunities to solve them, which helps in life and in school, in particular. Children who have been involved in programming since childhood show success in the exact and logical sciences. Learning increases children’s cognitive abilities.

Despite the fact that programming is considered a technical discipline there is a lot of creativity in it. Programming provides the tools to create a world of limitless possibilities where children can create their own ways and solutions in their own way. The study of programming opens up new possibilities for children. Developing their own product develops their imagination and allows them to realize their creativity. The famous fiction author of the twentieth century Arthur C. Clarke said that “any sufficiently developed technology is indistinguishable from magic. Programming can indeed be compared to magic, but only until you learn to create it yourself.

That said, you don’t have to fear the complexity that adults wrongly associate programming with.

Finally, learning to program or another IT discipline is a contribution to a child’s future that can be made now. During the next decade, it is a programmer profession will be one of the most in demand, and other professions related to the sphere of high technology will also be in great demand. That is why if you teach your child programming today you are laying the foundation for a secure future for many years to come.

Why choose to study Java?

It’s a great start for beginners.

  • Java is one of four most popular programming languages in the world. If you know it you won’t stay unemployed!
  • Knowing Java you can create almost anything: applications for desktop operating systems Windows, Linux, Mac OS, mobile applications for Android, websites.
  • In the process of classes, students will be able to create computer games, which is very interesting for children and teenagers!

As a result of training, kids:

  • They will get acquainted with the Java programming language, learn the rules of creating a program in Java and the structure of such a program.
  • They will learn how to work with variables and basic algorithmic constructions.
  • They will get acquainted with important concepts of the IT world.
  • Get acquainted with the basics of object-oriented programming.
  • In the course they will create their first computer game.